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Roosevelt Island New York City


As the central plaza in the heart of Roosevelt Island, this public space is used for large gatherings such as Roosevelt Island Day and small passive seating areas.  We worked with an active community to develop a program to revitalize the plaza and a large barren  landscape  area .  The plaza is now surrounded by  year round plantings and the newly landscaped garden is lush with perennials, flowers, ornamental trees, features sculpture by local artist and all  arranged around a variety of seating areas.

Rowan University


A Central Open Space on Campus, Robinson Circle, was filled with pathways that opened directly onto roads, causing frequent conflict between pedestrians and cars.

The project layered many objectives into a multi-functional site design. Pedestrian use guided project design, which ultimately removed vehicular traffic from half of Robinson Circle, creating a central campus quad focused on the pedestrian experience. The new design boosts local ecology, treats stormwater onsite, provides an outdoor teaching lab, and showcases sustainable practices.

A series of plazas and outdoor rooms were paved with reclaimed concrete from existing site pathways and laid in a gravel substrate for stormwater percolation.

Zen Garden

The owners of this small garden in New Jersey, requested a peaceful place to unwind, meditate and provide seasonal beauty. A very special Asian sculpture is the focal point of a landscape aligned with a round boxwood hedge and a multitude of grasses, perennials and flowering shrubs. As they often dine outdoors on the new deck, from early spring (Dogwood, Azaleas) through summer (Astilbe, Ligularia, Hosta) to autumn (Hydrangeas) there is something always in bloom.