Daylighting of the Saw Mill River at the Mill Street Courtyard Yonkers, N.Y.

2017 NJASLA Design Award

The project involved taking an inner city block in the historic Yonkers downtown and transforming it to an open pedestrian space. An underground flume of the Saw Mill River, a tributary of the Hudson River, has run within the courtyard block for 100 years. Essential to the design was the day lighting of the river in two sections to create a unique water feature.

Designed as a “Woonerf”, or shared street, the new courtyard features paved walkways, extensive landscaping, rain gardens to catch storm water, and granite benches. A new mosaic column sculpture designed by a local artist Haifa Bint-kadi is centered on the plaza overlooking the river.

The view and sounds of the river can be enjoyed from a granite and wood amphitheater and crossed over by two stunning wood and steel pedestrian, handicap access bridges. A new vehicular bridge allows service access.

Taylor Park Rain Garden, Millburn N.J.

During every heavy rain event flooding would occur from the township parking lot into Taylor Park in the downtown commercial center of Millburn Township. A new two tiered rain garden has been installed to reduce stormwater and mitigate pollutants going into the adjacent Rahway River that runs in the center of town and through Taylor Park. The new rain gardens are planted with native perennials, shrubs and flowering trees that also add a new layer of landscape to this active park in the center of town.

Right of Way Bioswales in the Newtown Creek CSO Tributary Area

The City of New York, under State and Federal mandate, is implementing “green” strategies for stormwater management to address Combined Sewer Overflows that will improve the quality of stormwater. The approach is to use natural systems and processes within the impervious urbanized areas of the City with the ultimate goal of reducing the stormwater runoff to the Newtown Creek combined sewer tributary area. Our firm is working with Hatch Mott Macdonald to locate Right Of Way Bioswales (ROWBS) and Stormwater Green Streets within the tributary area. We are part of a team that has identified over 600 potential sites to capture stormwater in residential and commercial neighborhoods of Bushwick, a highly urbanized community in Brooklyn. The initial identification of ROWBS is followed up with Geotechnical investigations and Surveys of each area. Working with the NYCDEP Office of Green Infrastructure standards and guidelines, we will prepare design bid documents with all the data collected for each location. This project will provide a multitude of ecological benefits to the City by Reducing stormwater runoff, reducing heat island effect, providing shade with planted bioswales, and an improved aesthetic quality to the streetscape.