Rowan University


A Central Open Space on Campus, Robinson Circle, was filled with pathways that opened directly onto roads, causing frequent conflict between pedestrians and cars.

The project layered many objectives into a multi-functional site design. Pedestrian use guided project design, which ultimately removed vehicular traffic from half of Robinson Circle, creating a central campus quad focused on the pedestrian experience. The new design boosts local ecology, treats stormwater onsite, provides an outdoor teaching lab, and showcases sustainable practices.

A series of plazas and outdoor rooms were paved with reclaimed concrete from existing site pathways and laid in a gravel substrate for stormwater percolation.

New Jersey City University Gilligan Student Union Roof Plaza

The renovation for this 19,000 square foot roof garden over a garage includes extensive planting that provides year-round seasonal interest through use of flowering trees, evergreen trees and shrubs, deciduous shrubs with flowers and fall color, perennials for flowering interest, grasses for texture and bulbs for spring bloom. The intent was to select plants that are drought hardy, full sun tolerant and require low amounts of fertilizer and overall maintenance. A portion of the roof is a large lawn area to allow for multi functional activities and an area for a community vegetable and herb garden for the students.

Shea Plaza for the Performing Arts

We have designed an entry plaza for the William Paterson University Shea Performing Arts building.  The music program at WPU has one of the premier jazz programs in the country and an active performing arts schedule.   Seating areas frame the circular space with brushed concrete aggregate cubes.  The new plaza takes its cue from the other pedestrian plazas we have designed on campus with brick paving and sustainable landscaping.  All storm water will be captured on site with planted rain gardens within the plaza.

William Paterson University Speert Garden

One of  the central open spaces on campus honors the past president of the University - Arnold Speert.   The landscaped area had previously been a web of pathways and overgrown planting. The new green connects two recently renovated pedestrian walkways with similar concrete and brick materials. At either end of this central green, or lawn, there are brick paved seating areas. A class donated tiered fountain was relocated into one of the courtyard spaces.

As a sustainable landscape, all stormwater is kept on site and all landscaping is with native plants and no automatic irrigation system. The amount of impervious surface has also been reduced significantly.

William Paterson University Student Center Pedestrian Boulevard: Wayne, NJ

The Student Center and Wayne Hall was expanded and we prepared the design for the central open space that connects the student life areas with the academic buildings. Adjoining this new central area is also one of the most active entrances from a commuter parking lot.   A new pedestrian boulevard has been created from the parking lot along with a municipal bus stop from which to enter the campus at this important node on campus.  All the new walkways connect to the existing pedestrian pathways into the campus. We have provided areas for seating as well as open space lawns for impromptu active recreation to take place.

William Paterson University Residence Halls and Reforestation Project: Wayne, NJ

We have developed a comprehensive Master Plan for the Reforestation of the entire University campus system.  As the University is expanding their facilities as shown in the plan for the new Residence Halls and clearing forested areas, there is a need and request by the State to reforest the campus.

The Plan has evaluating environmental site conditions and created design parameters for all future tree plantings.  We have worked closely with the New Jersey DEP and Forest Service for approval of these plans.  This Reforestation project on campus so far has resulted in the planting of over 1,200 trees.


New York University Medical School – Roof Courtyard: New York, N.Y.

A large roof courtyard space for student housing and offices across from the NYU Hospital was redesigned to create several outdoor rooms as a multi-functional space . The existing site furnishings were in need of repair and not very welcoming.  The central space will act as a gathering space surrounded with large trees, built in planters and steel benches.  The two side spaces are used for lounging and dining.  All existing brick and wood planters have been replaced with hardy evergreen trees and flowering shrubs. The wood planters have been reclad in colored stainless steel.  On top of a the heavy masonry vents, we have added seasonal filled planters.