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Rowan University Phase 2 - Robinson Green

Phase 2 of the Robinson Green Renovation has transformed a large expanse of concrete pavement at Wilson Hall College of Performance Arts to a new green infrastructure and performance space. The design team created a seamless connection with Phase 1 Robinson Green by continuing a sweeping walkway into the new plaza.  Two new outdoor performance venues; a large green stage with amphitheater seating in the center of the plaza and a smaller amphitheater tucked alongside the green infrastructure landscape that carries stormwater to the tributary of the Chestnut Branch.

Sustainable practices used on Phase 1 were reintroduced with the use of reclaimed concrete from the original plaza for a new seating area as well as hardy native plant material that provide a wide range of seasonal interest.

Collaborator: SALT Design Studio, Marathon Engineering

Rowan2 Planting
Rowan2 Concert
Rowan2 Amphi
Rowan2 Plan
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